...be it known to all who enter here that Jesus Christ is the reason for this school.  He is the unseen but ever present teacher in all of its classes.  He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.

Don't Forget to Donate Back to School Supplies to the Center Against Family Violence!

St. Joseph's School

2016-2017 Back to School Supply Drive

Look for the NJHS members to drop off your donated back packs in the morning before school starts. Drive will be extended until Thursday!

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Daniel Fernandez, SJS Class of 2012 is headed to Harvard. He was among the top 10 at Cathedral High School.
Hunter Urrea, SJS Class of 2012 is headed to Notre Dame. He was also the class valedictorian at Cathedral High School.
Both young men are scholarship recipients.


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Thanks Dr. Bowden!

In the true spirit of generosity, Dr. Jim Bowden  made us all smile brightly when he donated      
        all the assigned school supplies for the         St. Joseph's School Kindergarten class!

Cub Scouts Pack 3015

St.Joseph’s School

1st– 5th grade boys

Pack meetings once/month at St. Joseph’s

Interested contact Kim Magdaleno: 

915-248-6785 or kim_magdaleno@hotmail.com