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Homework will be posted daily. However, all students are responsible for writing down the homework in their planners. Planners must be in the classroom everyday!
Week of February 24-28:

Spelling Words:


2. absence

3. necessary

4. preposterous

5. knowledgeable

6. grammar

7. psychology

8. beginning

9. noticeable

10. marriage

11. tournament

12. dictionary

13. pretzel

14. physician

15. frontier

16. recommended

17. pyramid

18. mathematics

19. interrupt

20. periodical


Note: You may log into ClassDojo at home if your assignment was not submitted in the classroom. Use your Google account to log in.
Remember! All homework is mandatory, online or on paper, and required to maintain Honor Roll status. This includes Ms. Lisa's assignments.
Next week:
Only Math Check and Spelling Quizzes on Friday. No other quizzes will be given this week.
No Homework
Tuesday :
 Wednesday :
Study for Unit Test on Basic Operations of Fractions
Study for Spelling Quiz
Friday :
Spelling Quiz
Weekly Math Check- Unit Test