The curriculum is designed in accordance with the national norms followed by the majority of the states. Each teacher is provided with the curriculum for that particular grade or subject matter with the understanding that the material must be covered during the course of the school year in order to prepare the students for the next grade level.


This is the heart of the curriculum in every Catholic school. Pre-K through 8th grade have religion instruction on a daily basis and the school participates in Mass once a week. It is our goal to instruct our students on their dignity as sons and daughters of God and to come to the beautiful realization that God has a plan for them.


Students in grades 1st through 4th have four half hour classes a week to learn about various forms of dance.


Grades 1st through 5th have music instruction twice a week.  In middle school two music electives are available - band or musical drama.  There is an after school program available for students in Pre-K through 5 in violin twice a week.


Grades Pre-K through 5th have art classes twice a week.  In middle school art is one of four possible electives.

Computer Education

Students in Pre-K through 5th have computer classes in the lab twice a week.  In middle school computer education is done on a semester basis rotating with physical education classes.

Accelerated Reading Program

 Second grade and continuing through eighth grade student are required to complete a certain number of points in reading apart from our regular reading textbooks.  Beginning in January our first graders start on this program, they will enhance their reading skills. All of these tests are taken in the computer lab and parents can access results on the internet.


There is a Spanish class available for students after school.  Middle School has three years of intensive Spanish to prepare for high school.


Students in Pre-K through 8th grade are brought to the library at least once a week.

Physical Education

Students in 1st through 8th grades have their physical education classes on a regular basis throughout the week.